About Me

I am a Full Stack JavaScript Developer living in the Denver Area. I enjoy writing business logic and building tools that solve the day to day issues companies of different backgrounds may face. I am currently in the market for a junior developer position as a front end developer or as a full stack JavaScript developer. I am very proficient with React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Express, Node and Mongo. My current projects can be found below that showcase these proficiencies.

I am a former Automotive Technician with a passion for computer programming. Many years ago while attending college I took my first computer science class and immediately fell in love. I really enjoy technical work which was what initially brought me to the automotive industry. After many years in the industry, I decided it was time to make a change back to computer programming. I decided to attend Front Range Community College to learn the core computer science fundamentals. These fundamentals were taught using C++ and covered Object Oriented Programming, data structures, algorithms and the Standard Template Library. After completion of the computer programming certificate offered by Front Range, I decided it was time to learn a framework. I have always been curious about the web so I joined Thinkful. While at Thinkful, I learned full stack JavaScript programming and built three portfolio pieces that demonstrate these skills. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I am ready to take these skills to the next level by joining a team of Software Engineers.

steve at a lake

In addition to being a passionate Developer, I love cars! Over the last several years I have had the pleasure to build several high performance cars for myself and many others. I also love spending time with friends and family, traveling and music from the 90’s. To learn more about me please browse my site and don’t hesitate to reach out.


Technician Assist

Technician Assist is an automotive service department tool designed to increase the customer experience through accurate diagnostics and repairs. Technician Assist gets the service experience started right by initiating communication between the customer, the advisor and the technician before the customer's appointment. The app is a survey system that allows the customer to answer a series of questions designed to gather more information about the issues the customer is experiencing.

Technician Assist was built using Mongo, Express, React, and Node.

Roommate Expense Tracker

The Roommate Bill Tracker is an app that allows a user and their roommates to enter shared expenses. The app then stores and automatically splits the bills equally. Roommates and bills can be added and removed easily. The mobile app is coming soon for both iPhone and Android!

Roommate Expense Tracker was built using Es6 and Pug/Jade combined with Webpack and Babel for the client side. The server side was built using Mongo, Express, and Node.

Find New Music

This app allows a user to enter book titles, bands, movies and TV shows to find suggested music. The search results render with a description of the artist an image and some music examples, enjoy!

New Music Finder was originally built using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Spotify later changed their API access policy which led to the development of a Node/Express server to make API calls to Spotify.

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